Difference & Repetition: 11.02.11 (Jay & Rich)

Please post your two questions on Manuel De Landa’s Uniformity & Variability, (link available on the Bibliography page) as comments below.


6 thoughts on “Difference & Repetition: 11.02.11 (Jay & Rich)

  1. 1. How can we reposition ourselves as architects in the profession to rethink materials; how they behave, how they are represented and how we utilize them?

    2. Within the dialog of the origin of form and structure, what is the first step in “teasing out the materials… so that they have say in the structures?” (Education? Construction?)

  2. 1) in addition to delanda’s examples, what are some other things that have become homogenized within architectural practice?

    2) do you think it’s possible to gain back what was lost through homogenization without accruing new losses?

  3. (1) It is interesting that we continue to create homogenous materials, like steel, and simultaneously create composite materials. Both require extreme effort to strip and bind (respectively). I’m curious why natural occurring metals are not used raw, as they naturally provide heterogeneity? Why are some materials heterogeneous-ized and others homogeneous-ized? How do you choose?

    (2) How can architectural and structural materials/ matter be dynamic? No, really I don’t get it.

  4. 1. What else is gained from the “‘law of definite proportions”, what is lost? Could we say that “good” design is based upon it? That then begs the do we desire the definite?

    2. Where do we place architecture, as a stress or strain?

  5. 1. Does De Landa have a solution for the re-use/re-cycling of heterogeneous materials (a problem with conventional homogeneous materials today)?

    2. Have we not yet mastered the manipulation of “material-energy”?

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